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Keystone Jacks
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HDMI Splitters
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At Star Link IT Co., Ltd, we lead the cabling manufacturing services industry in technical expertise and operational experience. Through strategic movement and an established long-term customer base, we have deep insight into the needs of the market, the technical convergence requirements and the competitive challenges that drive the need for continuous reevaluations of the supply chain. These insights drive our strategy of providing end-to-end solutions for networking and optical products.

Over the years, we have brought in advanced product facilities and built up a well-trained, qualified team, which continuously guarantees state-of-the-art quality and first-class service. We are young but dynamic, creative, flexible and continually striving to provide our customers with easy solutions. We pride ourself to partner with a certain number of the cross-regional top 500 companies.
Our goal is to be your very first and final source of data cabling.

Here're what we're committed to offer
- Tailored products & solutions.
- Tight budgets as per your custom design.
- Prompt & on-line delivery.
- Flexible business deal.
- Fast & easy communication (24-hour hotline service).



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